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About the Event

THz technology area is poised to become a 'game-changing' know-how through system integration in many areas of application. This international THz workshop, for the first time in India, will create a platform, where invited talks and/or technology tutorials by international and national pioneers, industry perspectives presented by leading THz company representatives, moderated panel discussions on focused topics and informal networking time will take place. Both the academicians and researchers from various Indian institutes and national laboratories could converge for an intense technology interaction in THz areas in these two days.

THz Technology : The New Horizon

  • Cross disciplinary technology and device (including sources and receivers) development towards THz hybrid technologies
  • Non-destructive, non-contact THz sensing and imaging for defence and security applications
  • Very secure, short range, high-speed Terabit THz communication

  • Who are attending the Workshop

    We expect to have about 200 participants from various academic and research institutes in India (IITs, IISc, IISER, TIFR, DRDO, ISRO, etc.) mostly working in THz related technology areas. Speakers from ISRO, IISc and IITs will present their research. A special poster session has been organised to showcase many critical technologies.