List of selected Posters

The following posters have been selected for presentation at IWTT-2019. All the posters should be prepared in a 4ft long by 3ft wide format.

P01:      A study of terahertz absorption in doped silicon for bolometer application

             - Sudha Gupta, et al.

P02:      Absorption enhancement of Terahertz Microbolometer using Meta-material for RDX detection application

             - AK Vishwakarma, et al.

P03:      Design of MEMS THz Detector

             - Renu Sharma, et al.

P05:      Terahertz radiation Generation by Parametric Decay of high power Laser into Kinetic Alfvén wave and Whistler wave in Laser-Plasma interaction

             - Himani Dewan, et al.

P06:      Non-Destructive Characterization of Water in Chemical and Biological Systems using Terahertz Spectroscopy

             - Nirmala Devi, et al.

P07:     Nondestructive Evaluation of Defects and Degradation in Cementitious Materials using Terahertz Imaging

             - Shaumik Ray, et al.

P08:      Rapid Non-destructive Evaluation using THz Line Scanner for Industrial and Security Applications

             - A Mercy Latha, et al.

P09:     Rapid Terahertz Imaging using Spatial and Frequency Adaptive Sampling for Nondestructive Evaluation of Defects in GFRP Composites

             - Harikrishnan Kaimal, et al.

P10:     THz radiation by intense doughnut laser pulses in wobbly magnetized plasma

             - Sheetal Punia, et al.

P11:     Terahertz based modality for Detection of Explosive and Organic molecules under Concealed Condition

             - D Ganesh, et al.

P12:      Efficient Terahertz Generation in Diatomic Photonic Crystal Fiber by Four-Wave Mixing

             - Vikas Kumar, et al.

P13:     Optically Pumped Broadband Terahertz Modulator Based on few layers MoS2 on Silicon Substrate

             - Alka Jakhar, et al.

P14:     Graphene based devices for THz modulation and detection

             - JS Rawat, et al.

P15:     THz Generation and Active THz Imaging at IRDE

             - Nimish Dixit, et al.